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“Mike is a successful entrepreneur who has accumulated an impressive track record and valuable experience in all matters related to building companies to greatness. He shares his knowledge openly and has had a significant impact on how effectively we present ourselves. In a few interactions with us and several key introductions to members of his network, Mike has established himself as a solid contributor to our company. We look forward to many years of working together with him.”

— Helge Zieler, Ph.D. Founder and President, Primordial Genetics Inc. 



Companies must fit within the  following categories to enter diligence for investment at the pre-seed and seed stages.  Please note: there is intentionally overlap between these categories.  

Life Science Tools

definition: Consumables, instruments, and reagents, and other services that are used to advance our understanding of biology.


investment focus: consumables and SaaS - we will not invest in any exclusively hardware companies due to capital needs and long timelines, unless there is a consumables (pull through) link. 

Biotech Infrastructure

definition: Enzymes, chemicals, and other consumable products/innovations that enable biomanufacturing “beyond the vat.”


investment focus: manufacturing innovation for “new” therapeutic modality platforms including engineered cells, gene therapy, gene editing, and polynucleotides.

Platform Technologies

definition: A base on which other applications can be built, often first-of or disruptive in an existing life science category.


investment focus: taking greater technical risk on new platforms. This also allows us to rule out “me-too” companies in a crowded space (e.g. another spatial transcriptomics co.)

In plain English, the syndicate’s investment focuses on serving those who serve science (i.e. the customers of our portfolio companies are biotech and pharma companies, as well as research universities, institutes, and hospitals).  


We have a bias for and extensive experience with the rapid research use only (RUO) commercialization path (which one investor described as the syndicate’s “superpower”) and will only in special circumstances consider companies pursuing a pure IVD/clinical trial path.


We are the only dedicated seed stage financing syndicate for life science tools, and often work with teams for months or years before bringing deals to the network. 


Let’s build the future of life science together.

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